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We know life is returning to Door County when our friends and businesses open their doors after a long winter. Nothing could please us more than the Viking Grill and Lounge hanging their open sign starting Friday, April 5.

The Viking Grill and Lounge is a restaurant steeped in tradition. One of Door County’s landmarks, the Viking is best known for their fish boil. In fact, they started this popular dining experience in Door County. “What is a fish boil?” you might ask. Well, it starts with fresh Door County whitefish, a mild flavored fish caught locally. Put that in a huge kettle with new potatoes and sweet white onions, and boil for awhile. The food is ready with the famous “boil over”. You might want to stand back and snap a few photos for that!

Viking Grill Fish Boil

The meal is completed with coleslaw, pumpernickel bread, lemon wedges, Kosher pickles and topped it all off with a piece of Door County Cherry Pie.

The Viking Grille and Lounge also has a full menu for breakfast, lunch, and dinner (Their cranberry mayo is phenomenal!).  Join them this summer with your family and friends. For more information, visit their website at: Viking Grill and Lounge.

The Viking is located in Ellison Bay in beautiful Liberty Grove, at the top of the Door County Peninsula. Find yourself here!